Sleep Apnea is Not Just Snoring

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For many, snoring may lead to a diagnosis of Sleep Apnea. But outside of the world of Sleep Apnea many people take snoring lightly. It is possible for some, snoring isn’t related to Sleep Apnea. It is still best to ask your doctor about getting tested. Snoring that is loud or involves choking or gasping during sleep should be looked into immediately. This also goes the other way, many people believe because they don’t snore ( or haven’t been known to ) they don’t have Sleep Apnea. Not snoring does not mean you are Sleep Apnea free. Sleep is vital to a healthy life, if you or a loved one suspects they might have Sleep Apnea, take it seriously and talk to a doctor about a sleep study.

If you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and are looking for information about the condition or equipment.


Contact : 9620304059

Company : Greenwell Healthcare

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