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A doctor might find it necessary to write you a prescription for oxygen therapy if your blood oxygen level is consistently lower than it should be, and if your lung function has gone below a certain point. They will be able to find this out by doing a few different tests. The tests done for COPD are usually a combination of the arterial blood gas test (ABG), a spirometry test, and chest x-rays.If you are found to have a severe enough case, oxygen therapy might be in order. Your doctor will write a prescription for oxygen therapy, which will tell you which dose you need, and for how many hours each day you will need to use it. The prescription should be followed exactly, because even though oxygen is a gas, it is treated like any other medication.Your doctor might also help you decide which oxygen concentrator would be right for you. If you need a higher dose of oxygen for a lot of hours every day, it might be better to get an oxygen concentrator.

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